Thinking about renovating, knock down and rebuild or buying new?

Just like our clothes, the home that was perfect years ago might not 'fit' quite as well as it used to. With the decision to change where we live comes plenty of questions about the best way to make a change. We believe our clients shouldn't wait until they have to make a change, we think the plan should be put in place as soon as it's evident a change will be needed in the future. Thinking about the options sooner rather than later means our clients can:

  • Give themselves the best opportunity to keep, rather than sell, their current home

  • Understand what the financial differences are to renovating, knock down & rebuild or buying new

  • Determine if they should buy a new home, then sell their old one. Or the other way around

  • Make the right decisions on what type of builders contract to enter into

  • Understand how their different options might affect their long term financial situation

There's plenty of places you can find out how much you can borrow. But is this really enough planning for such a large financial commitment? Learn how Welcome Home Financial Advice can help you make the right decisions. 

Mortgae Broker and Financial Adviser in Melbourne